Handed out by teachers on a daily basis. Most kids don't do it, and yet they still give it. A good way to bring your grades up if you actually give a shit. Also, a good reason to procastinate and or surf the web.
Mom: Do your homework!
Kid: I need to use the computer for it.
Mom: Okay.
by homie8339 November 02, 2009
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A method of torture that originated in the Middle Ages given to kids, teenagers, and college students to prevent them from having fun.
"My stupid, asshole teacher gave me a shitload of homework."
by Muhhrtallicaz December 09, 2007
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That which sucks.
Also: That which is used as an excuse to surf the web.
"Mom can I use our computer. I need to play counter...Uh...I mean I need to do homework."
by Procrastinator May 07, 2003
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the stuff teachers give kids to torture them and take away from important after school things like sports, sleeping, TV, and friends
Jack: Dude, you look totally wiped out. Where were you yesterday?
Alex: Mr. O gave out a 10 page history paper for homework, so I couldn't go to the movies
Jack: Why would he do that?
Alex: Teachers have no soul
by password January 21, 2008
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Overtime without pay coming from a job that doesn't pay in the first place.
This is not me talking; it's a scientific fact: Homework is BAD for your health.
by DarkRoseRequiem January 16, 2008
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Something you can do for good grades, if they're that important to you. Only reason to do it is because school wants you to suffer in life if you choose to do things differently, by giving you bad grades for people to judge everything about you by. Another way for them to make sure every child who comes out of there shit ass schools is yet another robot, product of the american dream.
The school system needs to be changed, don't ask me how, it does.

Mrs. Robert's homework can eat my ass, in fact so can she.
by Regular John August 17, 2004
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