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A term of endearment, interchangable with homeslice, homeboy, etc. Other favorites:

home cookin'
home field advantage
home sweet home
home dog
home away from home
home brew
home of the brave
homeward bound
home improvement
by Woody Thomas June 27, 2007
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a person that's from the same city and state you were born in, raised in or both.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant October 05, 2003
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Used when referring to something that could be considered low class, tacky, or redneck. This term would be used in place of "white trash" as to sound less indignant. Mostly used by the person performing the "white trash" action.
You are talking to your father about Christmas lights outside his house and he informs you that half of them blink. The other half does not.
"Dad, that looks so trashy."
"No. It's just homestyle."
by missdiva December 18, 2005
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To "home-style" something means to do it on your own, in your own way. To not depend on society and rules to help you out.
Joyce: Jim! What happened to your leg?!
Jim: Aw shit, Joyce! My cat bit me and I think the cut may be infected.
Joyce: That's the third time this week. Jim, you outta think about putting that cat down.
Jim: But I don't have the money to put her down.
Joyce: *hands Jim a knife* Then home-style it.
by FancyPants17 July 06, 2013
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