Crude straight-person code-word for a gay person. Used in order to avoid an uncomfortable social situation.
Last night I hung out with Borgnine and his friend, the home-owner. Although Borgnine is straight, I think he tried to cup my balls several times.

Wow I never would have guessed Procop was a home-owner...all he ever talks about is pussy!
by NVA Barry February 15, 2006
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1. A homosexual
2. The legal owner of a home
"you are officially a home owner!"
"As of yesterday, due to my winning bid, I am a proud home owner!"
by andy September 2, 2003
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A Home Owner is one who owns a home,
this can also be a insult.
by Louis G. May 3, 2006
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An organization of a number of people in a housing development who conspire to control their neighbors and prevent any sense of community in that neighborhood. They generally busy themselves with telling people to cut their grass, paint their mail boxes, pull the weeds growing in the cracks of their sidewalk, and then charging the people for the pleasure of being harassed. Abbreviated as HOA.
If you paint your house that color, the Home Owner's Association will hire an assassin to blow your head off with a sniper rifle.
by MazurkaMatt March 21, 2006
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It literally means what it means
Cmon bruh are you seriously looking up 'Home Owner'?
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An adjective describing enthusiasm home owners have for making renovations, fixing up their yard, or any other activity with an intent to improve their home (which they are the owner of).
They went to Home Depot to relieve off their home owner boner.
by homeowner3234 March 27, 2015
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