The act of sex. The last of the bases.
Home Run, there aing gonna be a play at home plate.
by A. Nonymous November 15, 2003
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A 5-pointed ass.
I drank so much beer I actually slid into that miwlf's home plate.
by Sanias March 19, 2004
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n. The ass of a mother/older woman, where the jeans come up to the middle of the back, revealing an odd-shaped buttform.
I don't know if she plays baseball or is just a thief, because it looks like there's a home plate in her slacks.
by Sanias March 17, 2004
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The home of your boy. Your best friends base. Although you don’t live there, whenever you leave, you only ever go around the bases and come back.
Mandem 1: Yo man can I reach home plate today?
Mandem 2: Of course bro anytime
by tits4toby December 22, 2017
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After engaging in sexual acts... the cleaning up of the love juices. Dusting off home plate.
Man, last night was so good, I definitely needed to dust off home plate as soon as we were done.
by Cataschism April 29, 2005
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