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{Tobe-ing} not {tawb-ing}

When you are do everything right. This describes a time when your life is going exactly how you need it to be going. Usually the end to a losing streak or week of L's. This when you really start to bounce back.
Friend 1: Hey man, how you doing?
Friend 2: Bro you don't even know! I'm straight Tobing right now. I just aced my math test, hit a new bench pb and I got Stacy to go on a date with me.
by tits4toby December 20, 2017
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Adjective describing someone's desperate or thirsty actions. Typically used to ridicule someone of their inappropriate behaviour.
*Guy tries to take girl home rather quickly and eagerly*
Friend: "bro why you so beg, you're looking hella soif right now"
by tits4toby August 19, 2017
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A slang term for a bed or place of slumber (typically used for only one night). Oftentimes, refers to a spare bed or couch that can be used to crash overnight, yet the definition allows for any sleeping place (ex. mat, floor, extra lawn chair, etc.).
Friend One: "Bro I'm coming back to Toronto for a night, can a mandem bless me a plank?"
Friend Two: "Ahh don't worry fam, I just got a spare bed"
by tits4toby August 19, 2017
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The home of your boy. Your best friends base. Although you don’t live there, whenever you leave, you only ever go around the bases and come back.
Mandem 1: Yo man can I reach home plate today?
Mandem 2: Of course bro anytime
by tits4toby December 22, 2017
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