N. Homer-like or homerism. In sports, favoring one team because of proximity or personal preference.

The ref spotted the ball short, that fucking cheater! What home cooking!
by Panthers Fan October 26, 2008
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The act of spending 3 hours to turn $25 worth of ingredients into a $10 meal.
Tim: What did you have for lunch?
Joe: I made a homemade burger and it sucked! I spent all morning and the ingredients cost more than just buying one.
Tim: Yeah, home cooking sucks.
by Four Loko Frat Guy December 31, 2022
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As a desperation move, the act of hooking up with a member of one's own group of friends because of inability to close with any new girl or guy.
Adam went for some of Caroline's home cooking after striking out at the bar last night.
by home cooker January 20, 2012
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Someone who cooks often but only in their home. They tend to not be as efficient or "perfect" as the more professional types of people, which causes them to not be as tense about the way something is measured, cut, etc. These people are the most likely to "stray from the recipe" looking for a simpler way, or sometimes better taste.
Mary: Whenever I eat Frankie's food it always tastes so odd!

Derek: Yea, she adds a lot of strange things, I think shes a Home Cook.
by KippyKando April 28, 2011
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I've invited Meg over to my house tonight with the promise of a home-cooked meal.
by Bingo Fett February 12, 2013
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Background: Cooking rice is a daily chore in households in Hawaii. This chore is often tasked to the children/teenagers of the family who usually got home from school before their parents and were instructed to cook the rice for dinner.

Hawaiian slang: This phrase has the equivalent effect of "go home!" or "go back to where you came from" in American speech. There are many equivalent uses: some used to express disdain, some used jokingly and some used to express relief from a hard day of work.
Ex. 1 - Mahina (at a football game): "Fuck the Huskies!! Go home cook rice!"

Ex. 2 - Leinani: "Don't even kno how fo' do simple division? Brah, you bettah just go home cook rice."

Ex. 3 - Kawika: "Ho braddah, dat one homework took so long. Finally pau. Time to go home cook rice."
by datonebradiz April 30, 2012
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