The all time best selling fiction novel, a cult classic of literature
The Holy Bible has a really committed fan base, I heard there’s a lot of conflict over whether the sequel is canon.
by Mike N. Ike February 1, 2021
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something you might need after looking at porn
Person1: I just looked at unholyness, and I need the holy bible.
Person2: Hol up.
by table fan February 20, 2021
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The all-time bestseller the devil hates seeing someone reading it, or the one book leaders from certain faiths would forbid their followers from owning a copy, because its contents have the power to set them free from spiritual blindness and bondage, and to change their lives for the better forever.
It’s not surprising that those caught carrying, much less reading, the Holy Bible in public places, in some parts of the world, could be fined or/and jailed, because religious and political leaders are afraid that the truth revealed in it would undermine their position and authority in leading people to avoid heading to the wrong side of eternity.
by MathPlus July 13, 2021
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