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(Verb)- To show off in front of a usually large audience by trying to pull over-the-top moves, taunting or smack talking. Normally seen in competitive sports. This will also most likely cause the person who is doing it to lose.
Bob was hollywooding during his fight by dropping his guard and taunting the other person, this led to him getting knocked out.

Joe tried to hollywood during his basketball game, but lost the ball to the other team.

Matt hollywooded before making a touchdown, which resulted in him being tackled by the other team.
by Dradeezy December 05, 2009
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Normal behaviour when losing, abhorrent when possible win and devastating opposition possible. Shit bowlers complain when the opposition take's more pride in their bowls.
Cathy - oh my this is close.. if he draws round Margaret's short shit we might lose! OMG is that a bowl in his hands?! Think of the heeeead!!!! You might drooooop it
Les - no way will he draw that... how dare he clutch that round specaldy and walk it down the rink in those young(ish) healthy,non slip hands to try and WIN a game(even a good bowl for pride).. Bloody Hollywooding!

Skip draws shot.. skip grabs a beer 3 ends later. Enjoys it. None the wiser that he was playing against dickwads. Sleeps well. Does it all again Sunday
by Kenetic February 28, 2019
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When one is texting 1928347910234 people at a time and then all at the same moment, you receieve 1928347910234 texts back, jamming your phone and all you can do is listen and feel it vibrate. Thus, hollywooding.
"My father died in a terrible car acc--"
"One second, I'm hollywooding."
by inorite1013 December 08, 2009
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