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1. to conform or remake an original thought or idea based on a formulaic pattern for the sake of making money.
2. to ruin.
3. to dumb down.
That new film has been hollywooded so much, that it has absolutley nothing to do with the book.
by B.J. Fisher October 31, 2007
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This word is usually used in past tense, as the occurance is almost never spoken of until after it happens.

The instance of one inviting another to a casual lunch, dinner, drinks - and then not following through with it. The invitation is nothing and carries no weight, it is said merely to be fashionable.

The term comes from shady Hollywood agents to invite their clients out to make them feel like a priority, however they plan to flake all along on the plans. Nowadays, the term can be used by anyone - friends, "soccer moms," and lead-singer band guys.

Also see "flake" and "hollywood promise"
"No, I'm not going to go. What's the big deal? Getting hollywooded never hurt anyone!" exlaimed Nathan.

Lindsey rolled her eyes, "I just don't get it Timmy, he asked me to go hang out but then never called me back. I've been hollywooded!"
by Celestronica February 20, 2007
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"Hollywooding" or "getting Hollywooded" is the act of a person involved in creative arts at a production level (music producer/studio technician, filmmakers, et al) making excuses in similar fashion as a man buying a sports car or big house to compensate for having a tiny penis.
"That dingus just sent an email saying those tracks we're mixing will be late because his Dropbox maxed out when he was recording (insert semi-noteworthy band's name)."

"That pleb seriously Hollywooded you? He can't even edit a cymbal properly."
by zergface January 14, 2014
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using your knowledge and memory of pop culture to prove something is right or wrong, preferably used as a hashtag.
Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" has never been on anyone's "top TV shows of all time" list ever. #hollywooded
by imrightandyourewrongadmititboo December 17, 2013
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