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Hollyn is the most fierce girl you will ever meet. She is beautiful, smart and hilarious. She can also be quite mischievous at times. If you know a Hollyn or are friends with a Hollyn keep her forever. She is a Goddess, an angel but she can also be a demon at times.
Person 1: Hey who’s that?

Person 2: That’s Hollyn

Person 1: She’s beautiful

Person 2: I know right!
by Tweety_bird213 September 30, 2018
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Extraterrestrial, un-earthly.
A ‘Hollyn’ is beyond comparison. Broken & whole as well as calm and heated.
A Hollyn will always have a clear output of their emotions even though they don’t fully understand themselves sometimes.

If you catch a Hollyn, latch on and enjoy the ride.
“He’s an open book, which I’m not used to. He’s a bit of a ‘Hollyn’ I guess
by MACKRELIS October 10, 2018
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A girl named hollyn can be a crybaby when a parent or somebody leaves that she loves she can also be generous and kind. Hollyn loves getting her hair done and nails painted. Hollyn can be a beautiful and stunning person. Hollyn might be fighstey with an attitude but is still sweet.
Freind:Hey Hollyn do you want to come over

Hollyn:absolutely but can my mommy come
by Cali_gal_10 August 06, 2018
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