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A conceited female, usually scene, who has every nerd, geek, and otherwise socially inept male offering themselves at her feet. Usually very hot due to the fact that she has good looks, and plays HALO.
When Hollyann played Halo online, she got hit on 50 times in one night!
by Beefy666999 March 02, 2007
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holly-ann is a girl who is an absolute stunner, she likes the colour pink, and she has blue eyes and brown hair, most guys want her, but she plays hard to get. you can have a good laugh with her, and when you get pissed with her, there aint noo holding back, this chick is amazing,, the guys wich they can have her, the girls wish they were her.

i love holly-ann she is da bomb
by DollyMix007 July 13, 2009
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