An old wives tale. It will never exist, and those who say it does are dirty liars and should be crucified for their blasphemy.
The protagonist is coo tho and there is sadly r34s of her.

RIP hornet...
Guy A: Hey, y'know when is Hollow Knight: Silksong gonna release?
Guy B: Never. Its fake.
*Guy A gets crucified, and burns on the cross*
by Aleckzander the Worst November 13, 2021
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Something that nobody understands, the devs are trolling us, and we cant do anything about it
John: I think I found put the Hollow Knight lore!
Gerald: ok, lets discuss it.
Beanguys69: you are wrong in 50 ways
by LeafyGreen45 January 27, 2021
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An unfortunate possible side effect of getting too addicted to the beautiful metroidvania game Hollow Knight. Not everyone gets it, some popular speed runners appear to escape most, if not all of its effects. Symptoms include replaying the game out of boredom, doing god home stuff out of boredom, skipping school assignments to radiant all bosses, skipping school assignments to do specific challenges, actually following all the rules on the Hollow Knight discord, getting used to seeing Hollow Knight porn, starting to enjoy Hollow Knight porn, wack off to Hollow Knight porn, thinking about Hollow Knight whenever you hear the words "hollow", "radiant", "radiance", "nightmares", "pale", "void", "saw", "buzz saw", "bug", "insect", "soul", "knight", "infection", "nail", etc.
mom: Doctor I saw my son's search history, there was big tiddy mantis lords on e621
doctor: Your son has Hollow Knight Degenerate Disorder
by Chadgtnz June 17, 2021
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1) The Game: Hollow Knight is a game developed by Team Cherry. the game currently has 2 DLCs and 1 upcoming DLC. It's a 2-d metroidvania game that has some platforming here and there but mainly focuses on combat. And in my opinion it's one of the greatest games of ALL TIME. Great music, great art, great story, great characters and great everything. You can check for more about the game at it's wikipedia page and fandom wikia.

2) The Character: The Hollow Knight is also a character and a final boss in the game. For the first time, you can think The Hollow Knight is actually the player character but the player character is named The Knight. It's a vessel, created by The Pale King to seal away the Radiance. The True final boss of the game that you can fight on one of 3 endings. And also, it doesn't have a gender because it's a vessel. Like mentioned above.
"...Father?..." -Hollow Knight's Dream Nail dialogue, during it's boss fight, implying that it thinks the player character is its father.
by Agaposavros February 19, 2018
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