5 definitions by moth.

Frozen marmot chad from Happy Tree Friends. A yellow-green colored marmot with a leopard skin loincloth frozen in an ice block. Along with Disco Bear, they are the only ones with human hair in HTF.
by moth. August 7, 2021
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Red timid porcupine from Happy Tree Friends with dandruff in her quills. Always forced into uncomfortable situations and dies. She also was fortunate enough to get a cereal, unfortunately it was made of her actual dandruff (which is not very appetizing).
Flaky is one of the best HTF Characters.
by moth. August 7, 2021
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A cool sequel to Hollow Knight that will never come out (at least not when you’re alive.)
Person 1: When is Hollow Knight Silksong release date being revealed?
Person 2: Never.
by moth. August 7, 2021
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Even worse than typing on Xbox, PlayStation, and TV.
Person 1: I haye being alive
Person 2: Hate*
Person 1: Bruh, I will fucking slam this phone/ipad through a god damn stalagmite if I make one more fucking spelling error.
Person 2: Damn. Typing on mobile keyboards must suck.
by moth. August 7, 2021
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