A word used to describe a beautiful and delicious young woman.

Symptons of being a Holl:
- excessive texting
- sometimes lives in a fantasy world- belives herself to be a princess
- loves eating sammiches
- married to a woman but interested in men
- tends to like rich bois that live on lakes

Other attributes of holls:
- hot
- cute
- nice ass
Dude! why do you like that chick??

Cuz she's a Holl, which equals dimepiece slut!!
by kyleyewongster April 23, 2009
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Holle is a sexy ass bitch. Best night of my life. She did this thing with a cucumber omg it was amazing.😍
Damn just had the best night of my life with holle
by H011e October 21, 2019
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"holla at me"

In "Holl@me" the "me" can be replaced by someone else, such as you.

"I'ma holl@ John later."

Yet another web term invented by Kaedaq in the early 2000.
Holl@me on the cell when you get back.
by Mincy May 23, 2009
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A shortened version of 'Hold up'
Holl up, didn't you snake on me yesterday?
by Finessing god April 10, 2017
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Some computer geek who lives on an island in the caribbean sea, or something, with a crappy computer that runs on linux. Rick>j00!1!
OMG!11!!Lamondo Holl h4x0rt mah C0mp!11!! WTF!1!1!
by Kureji January 13, 2004
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