1) A definition for one who has an excessivley large hole or dent in their head.

2) A name fore someone who is mentally retarded until a certain extent

3) Very rarely used ased a term for "Faggot"
Oh quiet you hole head!

What a hole head!
by Amanda April 5, 2004
The last thing you'd ever want, used as a simile.
"If the zoning board rejects our proposal, we'll be forced to allow the superhighway to divide the property, and then 9 holes might be on one side, and the other 9 holes on the other side. We need that like we need a Hole in the Head."
by skydog70 May 7, 2007
Originally, the "head hole" was just another term for the hole in which you put your head through on a shirt.

When heard incorrectly, it was decided upon to be a term of offense.

Head hole can mean the lack of smartness or being a complete airhead.
"Ugh, Angie! You're such a Head hole!"
"What did I ever do to you?"
by SomethingGrace February 27, 2015
Yo Tyrone, bump some fire into ma head hole.
Ight fam, I gotchu.
by Kaepeluck March 1, 2016
"shut your head hole Britney Spears!!!!!1 one oh oneone eleven!!!!!."
by kristopher May 17, 2005
What you say when something bad or really inconvenient happens that makes your life more difficult at that moment in time. Usually in response to a specific event.
The speeding ticket I got? I needed that like a hole in my head.
by Hopelessly out of style January 8, 2017