Seems gay when you meet them. Smartest guy in your class. You'll love spilling tea with them. You could talk to them about anything. They'll keep your darkest secrets but tell you everything about everyone else.
Me: I love spilling tea with this guy. He's very interested in my girl drama.
Bestie: He must be a Holden.
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by thicc_bih March 30, 2019
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australian car company that are being cheap bastards by importing their parts from china, while in australia, hard working men and women lose their jobs because of these fuckwits. so much for them being a true blue aussie car company that we can trust, at the moment they deserve to fucking die.
man: bloody hell, i got sacked because of those fucking cheap ass holden shitheads importing their shit from china. they all deserve to FUCKING DIE!!!!
by Alpha Badrem April 09, 2006
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a crapy car company that can not even make there own cars so they rebadge other european cars and put on their own badge on it and use other company engines in other company vehicles and call it there own
holden vl commodores are vauxhauls with nissan engines, vn commodores are vauxhaul with buick engines, old barinas are suzuki swifts
by invisible man January 31, 2008
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An Australian car brand, now a subsidaray of GM motor corp. Renouned in Australia for their high power outputs and reliability. Holden produces a variety of cars, the most common of which is the Commodore, the most popular and best selling car in Australia for the past 20 years. Holden is also well known for its dominance over Ford in every type of competition, weather it be the sacred title of Bathurst or a backyard burnout competition.
Did you see my Commodore smoking up all those Fords the other day? We dominated those peices of crap like Holden dominates Ford at Bathurst.
by w00taki September 26, 2005
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