Home to the famous Mt Panorama Circuit. The V8's race there anually for the Bathurst 1000- a long 1000km race. Holdens have dominated the mountain for the last 7 years. Peter Brock is known as 'The King Of The Mountain' due to his many wins
Holden: "Don't be a lil' bitch about it, lets take this to Bathurst and settle it like men"
Ford: "Fuck the mountain lets settle it here"
Holden: "Do tell me who'z won Bathurst for the last 7 years? ohhh thats right HOLDEN!"
by OC_73 July 12, 2006
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A place in Australia, NSW. Also the location of Mt. Panorama, the place where the Bathurst Race Track is located. The races held here are commonly between the Holden and Ford V8 Supercars and it is a sacred event in Australia. The race has been rightfully dominated by the Holden Commodores for the past 15 years. This is because the Holden Commodore is a superior car with superior drivers. The phrase "take it to bathurst" is often used by Holden drivers during street races against Fords to rub in the fact that Fords are crap and cant win anything. Said right before the start of the race.
Ford Driver: "Oi loser! step up and ill smoke you with my falcon."
Commodore Driver: "Sure you will...would you like to check if the engine is still working before we race?"
Ford Driver: "Dont need to. now Cmon! Im gonna kick your ass"
Commodore Driver: "Whatever dickhead. Take it to Bathurst."

At this point the lights turn green and the Commodore takes of at full speed and proceeds to smoke the Ford. This is because the Fords clutch and engine failed, as usual. However in the rare event that the Ford actually does make it off the line, the holden will win anyway, becuase they are so much better. This is because when Fords are not breaking down, they are being repaired.
by w00taki September 27, 2005
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For the car lovers a wet bathurst is when you get your girl to lie naked on the road and you reverse your car, it has to be a Holden of Ford, so that the rear tire is resting on her gash. You then proceed to do burnouts on her causing, at first some enjoyment, then sheer pain as her growler is torn apart and her blood and flesh is splattered all over the road making her body look like a dead carcus.
Ben: Hey bro your car looks fully sick but your tyres look a bit bald.
Kev: Yeah bro thats cause i gave your sister a wet bathurst last night and she has one hairy growler.
by freddy182 October 18, 2009
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Also Known As {L-Block}{Bishop TuTu}{Lakshore}{Harbourfront}
A Community of mixed Co-op housing and Public Housing Near Lakeshore and Bathurst, Now Over populated by condominiums. Used to be the home of Toronto's Old Baseball Stadium in The Early 1900's
Remember when There wasnt a single condo near lakeshore and Bathurst?
by Staightwithnochaser September 8, 2010
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