An unloyal fuckboy who sexually complements other women in front of his lovers. He’ll get mad when he can’t get his booty pics or other nudes or if he can’t take no for an answer.
by ewewewwoo July 27, 2018
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You see that faggot playing the contrabass clarinet, yeah that's Holden; what a dumbass
by TennesseeVolsFuckedYourMom April 25, 2018
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Holden has a 0.000000001 mm wang. he is a wanghead. Nobody likes him and he is loud. You know he comes for dat booty
Holden is the biggest wang
by riverskipper October 23, 2018
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Holden is the type of gay dude who dresses in all girls clothes. He is always sassy and is very ubnoxiously.
Wow a Holden
by Hdjeheh July 21, 2018
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He is very open minded yet he is very ugly and shy! He cannot get a date since everybody hates him!
Girl 1: look how ugly he is
Girl 2: he must be a Holden
by The guy who wrote it August 19, 2016
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Holden is a massive THICCY. He has big cake. Probably has a vagina though. Shares his bed with fifty girls. Known around school as “that simp”.
by tom timmy March 12, 2020
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