has such a small penis that he doesn’t even have a penis. his penis shrunk so much that it became a vagina therefore he is a fucking female.
rob: bro i saw holdens penis yesterday, jk i couldn’t even see it it was so small

jerry: bro... that’s kinda gay

rob: ik
by ellaaarewjajka August 07, 2019
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A person that is a major SPED and is fine with terrible grades and a terrible catchphrase like "I play defense."
Wow you're grades look they they came from a Holden
by Pditty108 June 19, 2017
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Holden is the type of gay dude who dresses in all girls clothes. He is always sassy and is very ubnoxiously.
Wow a Holden
by Hdjeheh July 20, 2018
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He is very open minded yet he is very ugly and shy! He cannot get a date since everybody hates him!
Girl 1: look how ugly he is
Girl 2: he must be a Holden
by The guy who wrote it August 19, 2016
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