the inadvertent stream of saliva that shoots from the saliva gland, usually after you eat something sweet and apply your tounge to the roof of your mouth, (like your saying the letter "L"). synonyms: gleet, or gleek
"The sweet candy made me hoint in my friends eye with the precision of an archerfish."
by arturo September 05, 2005
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HOINT literally means... HOINT.

An all purpose word that can be used in any and all contexts and scenarios. As long as it is said loud and aggressively, it's meaning comes across correctly.

It originates from The Pitcairn Islands in the far South Pacific. The residents of which are the only ones who truly understand it's meaning. All of which describe it as "unexplainable."

This doesn't mean you can't use it, though. It's becoming more and more common in parts of Canada and the U.K.
"Hey man what's up"
"... what?"

Or also,

"Hey man can you help me carry this?"
"Thanks, bro"

Or even,

"Hey how'd the game go?"
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, bro"
by Mr. Finesser 123 October 12, 2017
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A spray of saliva that shoots out from under ones tongue. Often someone will "hoint", aka. gleek , on accident when yawning or opening their mouth widely. Hointing can also be referred to as " gleeking ".
Sometimes I yawn real big and accidentally hoint on my cell phone screen, then I've got to carefully dry it off.
by GoaterGirl July 29, 2019
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