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A hoin is when you are very calm and friendly and flip shit for no apparent reason. They can go from sleeping to killing in .2 seconds. Its bi-polar on steroids.
My boss will hoin me if he finds out i drank his coffee.
by ScrotumLick May 11, 2011
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The act of going out and looking for ho(s). Usually used with non-pimps who want to be pimps. Also spelled 'hoing'.
Tom: Hey, Joe, why are you walking around the block so many times?

Joe: Cause I'm hoin'.

Tom: But you aren't a pimp.

Joe: But I want to act like one, cause I think pimps are the shizz
by Rednaxela666 April 17, 2009
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the act of inserting two fingers one inch into the vagina and stroking the anterior (frontal) wall gently, resulting in sexual stimulation.
Mary woke up the nieghbors when she screamed in ecstasy as her boyfriend hoined her.
by Alexxx August 24, 2003
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