Something someone is talking about that the other person does not believe or thinks is stupid
by Lolbana March 04, 2016
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Not of high quality.
Complete Bull.
Not that awesome.
Kind of crappy.
Not porperly completed work.
A lie.
A statement of an non-accurate origin.
by Jim Don August 18, 2005
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If not mentioned by a british person, a clean and polite way to say, "BULLSHIT!"
I got a F on my test? Thats total HOGWASH!
by JΓΆrg December 11, 2006
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The bi-product of washing hogs in a large, generally 100L beaker. The hogs are washed in a mixture of water and small amounts of soap by the hogwasher, who uses a hogwashing mop to wash the hog. The hogwash is then dispensed through the hogwash dispenser attached to the beaker, and is then distributed.

Hogwash is a well known, natural cure for many rashes, and sickness's, often recomended by chinese herbalists. Hogwashing kits may be picked up from your local herbalist.
Sick man: "I've got this horrible rash all over my crotch doc!"
Chinese herbalist: "Just put some hogwash on it! Kits are $45."
Sick man: "Awsome, thanks doc!"
by Hogwashmaster August 23, 2010
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A detergent, used to wash hogs.
"Honey, run down to the feed store and get some hogwash"
by Don August 06, 2004
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