4 definitions by Jörg

If not mentioned by a british person, a clean and polite way to say, "BULLSHIT!"
I got a F on my test? Thats total HOGWASH!
by Jörg December 11, 2006
A classical dutch oven, which is when you fart under the covers and pull the covers over your partner's face, except this dutch oven comes with a freshly baked batch of brownies!
I thought it was just a harmless dutch oven, but then i saw the dutch oven surprise!
by Jörg December 11, 2006
A empty water bottle that is consistantly farted into by one person, and then immidiatly capped to contain the pure methane. This bottle can then be used to unleash the most foul smell on earth into someone's nostrils.
by Jörg December 12, 2006
When a person pulls down his/her pants and moons one or more people in a fashion that requires the person to use their hands to spred their buttcheeks apart and show their furry, brown asshole. This can be converted into two-eyed monsters, three-eyed, or as many eyes as you can find.
by Jörg December 11, 2006