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A word often used to describe the feeling you get when you're disrespected, embarrassed, made fun of, or being played. Similar uses are "play me" "joaning" and "talking shit bout me."

"Hoe me", "Hoed me" and "hoeing" are all acceptable uses

**In light of the age old debate surrounding the correct spelling of ho vs. hoe: "hoe" has taken a more popular stance amongst users. This is simply slang and does not determine the intelligence of the user. nah mean?
Sweet: "Man my boss just tried to hoe me today"
Dude: "How he hoeing u?"
Sweet: "I screwed up an order and he gon call me out in front of everyone smh"
Dude: "He hoed yo ass lmao"
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by Slangxplainer June 15, 2016
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When one decides to not stick to a plan
Why the hell did Marquisha hoe me because she wanted that good dick?
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by THAT RED HEAD CUNT January 25, 2018
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tried to play you, or scheme you

basically get something out of you, but going about it the wrong way
like if your friend says you're gay and you're not

You'll probably say "Jacob lowkey tried to hoe me"
by kiyoneej October 11, 2016
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