Having someone going up and down on your cock with their mouth.
"Wow did she know how to hob the nob or what?"
by CableBob September 6, 2008
one who schmoozes but with so many people that no real connection is made
Rob was hob nobbing it all night long and everyone in the bar likes him but knows he has nothing meaningful to say.
by Dave Rey October 29, 2007
1. To get hit in the head.

2. To perform oral sex.
1. "Dude, that baseball bat hob nobbed Wally so hard that he almost copped death."

2. She hob nobbed his unit last night.
by dims April 30, 2005
A Boy or Girl That Is Bisexual Bats For Both Teams

Hob: Vagina
Nob: Dick

See Also: Nob-Nob and Hob-Hob
Person One: I Fansy Boys And Girls
Person Two: Your A Hob-Nob Then
Person One: Cool! =
Person Two: Mhmm.
by Multicoloured February 27, 2007
an anus so heavily bespangled by winettry that it takes on the appearence of the much loved family biscuit
once i forgot to wipe and got a bastard hob nob
by bob June 5, 2003
Found in the hunting realm of Big River Management Area in Rhode Island. These Goblins are the smaller version of the Hob Nob Snob Nob Goblins. They do Goblin things in the woods. (i.e. they eat animals) When hunting in Big River, hunters must take them into consideration. When seen, they must be shot instantly. IF NOT, the hunters risk the chances of becoming Hob Nob food. With bears increasingly moving into the area, the Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) hopes that the Goblin population will be down by as much as 17% in 2020. If not, they are hinting at a 2 week shotgun season in 2014 to deal with these ferocious critters.
"Hey, I shot a 8 pt buck in Big River today, but a Hob Nob Goblin got it when I was getting out of the tree stand. It was scary!"
by bigriverhuntingexpert February 7, 2012