Boys and Girls
Boys: They get called wallets,if they yell at a girl they are ABUSIVE. And more

Girls: They get called objects,they get called hoes,sluts etc..they give birth. And more.

Stop calling girls objects
Stop calling boys wallets
Boys and Girls
Girl 1- My bf just cheated. All boys are wallets LMAO

Girl 2- Bro no they aren’t.
Boy 1- Bro my gf just cheated all girls are objects LMFAO

Boy 2- They arent objects stfu
by yumekoplscum December 25, 2020
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Slang referring to the narcotic drugs Cocaine and Heroine(together).
That retard got caught trying to sell 2k worth of Boy and Girl.
by Cracky McAddict January 27, 2006
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a game played, usually when people watching. At a mall, the fair, resturaunts, etc. When noticing a person who has no distinguishable gender, (could be male or female, and sometimes dispite even hearing the person's voice, you may still be unable to identify this person's gender.) you lean towards your friend and say "boy or girl?!"
Boy George strolls by
Sally says to Christy "Boy or Girl?!"

Emo kid with long dark hair coving most of (it's) face sits at a bus stop
"Boy or Girl?!"
by drwords June 7, 2009
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Paul, Martin, Bryan and Johnny. they're a band from Boston Mass and are very cool people
I saw Boys Like Girls and Butch Walker at the Axis on Friday in Boston. They were awesome!
by Tayfrommyspace August 1, 2006
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The alternative pop-rock duet from Boston officially began in 2006 with members: Martin Johnson – vocals, rhythm guitar, Paul DiGiovanni – lead guitar, Bryan Donahue – bass, and John Keefe – drums. They initially gained publicity from pure volume, eventually landing the #1 spot on on the pure volume's Top Unsigned Artists chart. The bands first major tour began late February 2006, accompanying A Thorn for Every Heart and Hit the Lights traveling nationwide. As the tour ended, the group headed to the studio to begin recording their first album. While doing so, they were introduced to Cute Is What We Aim for, and would eventually headline their tour that June, after the completion of their album. Soon afterward, the band shot the music video for their first single from their self titled album - "Hero/Heroine". Their album was officially released August 22, 2006, shortly before beginning their first headlining tour taking place late in late August and September. The band's second single "The Great Escape" was produced in early 2007, which would reach #63 on the Pop 100, and chart the Billboard 200 in April.
With their smooth pop/rock sound, Boys Like Girls is an amazing band to listen to.
by Fenway182 June 7, 2007
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Amazing Band. Really fun beats, cool shows, and great lyrics. I love their straightforward name too. Martin Johnson's voice is really cool.
Really guys, it's not about what genre they are. Whether they're emo/punk/rock/alternative, whatever.
The point is, it's good music.
Thunder, Chemicals Collide, and Two Is Better Than One are the best songs ever!
Boys Like Girls is my favorite band
by ashcakebatter January 1, 2010
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(n). 1. a wicked awesome band from MA that puts on a great show 2. one of the most straight up band names out there

They got their fame from and

Martin Johnson
I saw Boys Like Girls at a concert in Boston, Manchester, Lowell, Mansfield, etc.
by Molly Mac April 7, 2008
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