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A posh slut.

It is rare to find a hoare. This type of slut is never found 'hanging' around a standard backstreet, instead they thrive in locations such as Kensington, Chelsea, Oxford and the Cotswolds.
Geoffrey: Fancy a puff on the old pipe Winston?
Winston: I don't actually sport, but i do rather fancy a puff on that hoare!

Rupert: I feel like obtaining, and subsequently, ragging a hoare tonight.
Gordon: Are you sure you don't want a whore? it will save on the fuel.
Rupert: No, I'm definitely in the mood for a hoare.
Gordon: Well, lets fire up the Jag then!
by Slutbag. November 28, 2010
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For people who don't know how to correctly spell the word whore. typically used by guido kids who think they are the shit cuz they drive a hummer.
where is your wifey tonight?
i left her home, time to get some new hoares
by NWOBigMeech October 25, 2010
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