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A person (usually male) who is pretentious and arrogant, but lacks any real skill or ability. Most often used by military pilots.
Around here, we got two kinds of pilots: the hotdogs who get all the hot planes, and then you got your pudknockers who dream of flying the hot planes. So, what are you two pudknockers gonna have?
by eyeheartboobs May 15, 2004

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Misspelling of "pederast".

A pederast is a man who engages in sexual activity with young boys (i.e., sick bastard)
Jesus Quintana had to go door to door to tell everyone he was a pederast
by eyeheartboobs June 25, 2004

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Stands for On-board Diagnostic. It is an electronic interface used on cars to gain access to the codes stored in the engine management computer. From the late 1980s until about 1995 or so, OBD was the industry standard. Since then, OBDII has been the common diagnostic interface.
You have to use a scanner tool to hook up to your OBD port.
by eyeheartboobs December 14, 2004

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verb; To crash (a plane) into the ground.

Named for the large crater an aircraft makes in the ground when it crashes at high speed.
Did ya hear about Ed? The poor guy augered in...
by eyeheartboobs May 15, 2004

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A type of frost; grey-white in appearance, and feathery looking.

Also, can be used to describe anything that looks like this, like hair for example.
I looked outside this morning and the hoar frost was all over the garden.
by eyeheartboobs December 04, 2004

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1. An electric or gas-powered rotary trimmer, used for cutting grass and weeds, from a standing height.

2. A haircut so bad it appears as if it were performed with such a device.
1. I'm going to use the weed eater on the back deck.

2. Did you cut your hair yourself? It looks like a weed-eater!
by eyeheartboobs January 11, 2005

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abbreviation for SupraVentricular Tachycardia; an EKG rhythm characterized by very fast rate and P waves which are buried in the T waves (since P waves aren't visible, we can't call it a sinus or atrial rhythm). Generated by abnormal activity of pacemaker cells somewhere in the atrioventricular junction.
We came on scene, and found a 54 year old male, seated, complaining of dizziness, and palpitations. Pulse was 220 strong and regular, bp 135/90. EKG revealed normal QRS and no discernable P waves. It looked like SVT, so we printed a strip and treated according to protocol.
by eyeheartboobs November 19, 2005

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