An acronym for Rick Riordan's book series Heroes of Olympus, sometimes HO
Wasn't that quote in HoO hilarious?
by iWinterSun April 04, 2019
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"Bobby and Janey went into his car after the party and then...hoo hoo HOO!"
by jelimi May 27, 2004
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the government approved definition of a woman's reproductive area
you don't show your hoo hoo for all to see in public
by drug_princess++ April 09, 2004
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A little kid's word for "vagina, pussy, bajingo, love hole, etc."
Mommy, my hoo hoo is growing hair on it. What's wrong with me?
by Laurie November 27, 2002
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off dude wheres my car,they're tits
dude,you just touched kristy boner's hoo hoos
by matt November 11, 2003
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vagina, pussy, twat, cunt, bearded clam, love slit, trim, bush, you know what area I'm talking about. This term is used by women only, and usually by women who don't like the word 'pussy'.
My hoo hoo needs a trimming, its bushing out the sides of my swimsuit.
by timber March 30, 2006
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