pl. hispanics

01. descendant of the honkies/white people of spain - all of spain.

02. white person/honky pretending to be a "horse of a different color" so they can be given special government privileges & protections that are reserved for groups with protected status.

03. honky/white person with olive complexion due to genetic origins from spain.

04. spanish colonial and his/her descendants who are trying to maintain their special spanish 'casta' status by socio-political deception.
A: What's the difference between a hispanic and a honky?

B: I don't know. Don't they both have ancestors from the same continent, Europe?

A: Yeah. That's were most of the caucasians/whites/honkies come from.
by It's not mean if it's true. August 04, 2008
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Someone who is from any spanish speaking country. Not to be confused with latino, which is actually different. A latino is someone from latin america, a hispanic is someone from any spanish speaking country (Like the spanish speaking countries in europe.) The definition varies in different places though.
Guy1: I come from Mexico, so I am hispanic and latino.
Guy2: I'm from Spain so i'm hispanic.
by Maarbarian May 04, 2005
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Hispanic: Literally meaning Spanish. The Latin word for Spain is HISPANIA like the Spanish word for Spain is ESPANA. So scientifically speaking a douche bag white person from Spain like Cortez would be classified as Hispanicus. Since people don't speak Latin all too often it easy to ignorantly use the word to describe and or classify native Americans from places like Mexico, Guatemala etc. just because they speak the puke language of Spain.
There is a Hispanic male driving a stolen car on the 101. haha
by Blue Laughter October 02, 2008
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Anyone who descends from a Spanish or formerly Spanish colony (with the exception of the Southwest US) or Spain. "Hispanic" is simply an ethnicity, NOT a race. Hispanics are mostly mestizo (of white and Amerindian descent) in most Spanish-speaking countries, with the exception of Spain and Argentina (whose populations are mostly white.) Spain's people are mixed Mediterranean and Nordic/Aryan.
Hispanics in the SW US are mostly bilingual, but futher north, they just speak English.
by llama November 25, 2003
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According to the U.S. Census, people who come from or decended from a Spanish-speaking people or country. The term "Hispanic" is completely incorrect as it lumps together two different races to be one: (for example) Spanish Europeans with Mexicans. Mexicans are in fact biracial, since they are mixed of Spanish and Native American ancestry. Caucasians are considered people who have European ancestry. Since Spain is in Europe, Spaniards are white/caucasian, which is obvious by their physical appearence.
Hispanic = Spaniard = European = White (does not make any sense)

by man in the universe April 12, 2007
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A person who has a conquistador as an ancestor. It is a liberal word used to qualify the descendent of a conquistador for liberal entitlements.
Pablo says he's hispanic, but I know he's nothing but a mexican.
by Delicious Tuna Wanda September 25, 2007
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