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Hira is the kind of girl who doesn't appreciate herself a lot but has so many amazing and fascinating qualities, Hira is someone who might go around flirting but loves one and will always love the same, Hira is someone you would love to have in your life, Hira is someone who will love you limitlessly, Hira is someone who can be tough at times, Hira is someone with the purest love, she is an outgoing person and will love to have new friends, Hira doesn't keep much to herself if she has something about someone in her heart or mind she goes up to that person and speaks out, Hira is pure of heart but not usually pure of mind, if you have a Hira in your life make sure to keep her happy because she is a person who will always stick by you, Hira is a person who is not really scared of much, Hira is an outgoing and friendly person someone who likes to take risks, someone who is daring, someone who is sensitive. Never hurt a Hira because she can be dangerous when she's broken. She is a beautiful person with eyes so pretty that make people fall in love with her, Hira is someone who is beautiful inside and out.
I've met a girl hira. Ever since I fell in love.
by Amy Johnson January 05, 2018
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hira, similar to that of the greek goddess of love, hira, similar to that of a diamond, hira essentially the cave of hira, ghare-hira... ultimately where it all started.
by Hira September 23, 2004
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(a sacret place)
by hira October 31, 2003
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Similar name to the Greek goddess of love; name of a sacred cave; a hott person with great personality and looks; usually named for a person with silky hair; makes a passionate, caring, and extremely loving mate; used to describe an all around beautiful and pretty girl with natural looks and facial features; attracts all the guys attentions when she speaks and is actually funny with her sense of sarcasm; people with this name are usually good makeup artists, philosophers, models, scientists, or stand up comedians; name used on girls with gorgeous and stunning smiles
I desire to be like Hira because whenever she walks in everybody stops talking and stares at her extravagant beauty. She has impeccable looks like Kim k and her body in slim and perfect like a model.
by TheWISEone July 12, 2015
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1. A pretty little girl who rocks cute glasses

2. One who dislikes most foods: cheese on pizza, bread, fish, cole slaw, vegetables (except potatoes), and almost everything else

3. Someone who uses the phrase "You're mean" constantly
A: Look at that girl! She's so beautiful.
B: She must be a Hira...

A: "You're mean, you're mean YOU'RE MEANNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!"

Hira eating pizza, "Do you want my cheese? Do you want my crust? Can you eat my olives and tomatoes and onions?"

Hira's cousin: What part of the pizza do you actually like?

Hira: The bread and the sauce.
by neebas October 22, 2010
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Unbreakable friendship
honesty friend
Derived from an ancient friendship between two boys which lasted from one lifetime to another.
Hiras also known as the soulmate of hirantha
Let us be like hiras and hirantha...
by samanalaya2 November 11, 2010
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Hira is the funniest person you can ever meet her smile brights up the world she has cute little dimples with big brown eyes with long eye lashes that makes man fall in love with her she’s very gorgeous she has a great personality and a great sense of humour she’s very friendly and she cares about people a lot she will risk herself for people she loves and she will be nice to them . When you first meet Hira she’s very shy but when you get to know her she’s the most out going and exiting girl ever the bad thing about her is she never shuts her mouth also she’s very honest with everyone and she will never talk behind people’s back instead she will say it to their face if Hira doesn’t like someone she would rather stay away but if she gets very angry about it she can’t hold herself . Any boy who likes Hira wants to kiss her little cherry lips
Hira is amazing af
by Yourgranny2008 February 23, 2018
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