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The birth place of Muhammad (SalAllaho Wasalam). The place where for the very first time lights of peace spread to all over the world.

The heart of Islamic world. The home of peace lovers, the muslim. The place where muslim love more than their own lives.
Makkah ... no city in the world has the importance or the significance like this holy city. It is beyond doubt the greatest of all.
by Shaukat Hayat June 11, 2005
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A meme created by kids in Victoria around the Frankston area. Once used as an insult; now used to describe anyone or anything.

Mega derp

Can be spelt: Macca; Makka; Makkah; M4KK4H.
Fucking Makkah!

God he's such a Makkah!

Bunch of Makkah's

Makkah team

That's Makka'd
by I_AR_Makkah August 29, 2011
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