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1. A pretty little girl who rocks cute glasses

2. One who dislikes most foods: cheese on pizza, bread, fish, cole slaw, vegetables (except potatoes), and almost everything else

3. Someone who uses the phrase "You're mean" constantly
A: Look at that girl! She's so beautiful.
B: She must be a Hira...

A: "You're mean, you're mean YOU'RE MEANNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!"

Hira eating pizza, "Do you want my cheese? Do you want my crust? Can you eat my olives and tomatoes and onions?"

Hira's cousin: What part of the pizza do you actually like?

Hira: The bread and the sauce.
by neebas October 22, 2010
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1. An extremely caring mother
2. A woman who excels in mathematics
3. One who complains about a horrible boss
Look at that woman, she wakes up an hour early just to make lunch for her children and then proceeds to prepare their breakfast as well, what a Nooreen!

Person A: If you apply the definition of a derivative to this problem, it states that as x approaches -1 the limit does not exist, therefore there will be a vertical asymptote as x=-1.

Person B: WOW you're such a Nooreen, can you do my calculus homework?

Lady A: My boss is such a jerk, he thinks im a robot, he sits on a chair and orders everyone around like he owns the city...

Lady B: Stop being such a Nooreen!
by neebas October 21, 2010
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A disease in which one is constantly perturbed by thoughts of pizza. The infected can only eat pizza (preferably dominos) and do not enjoy any other foods. No cure for this disease has been found.
Doctor: Do you want this delicious rare Italian pasta prepared by a professional chef especially for you?

Patient: No, I want pizza.

Doctor: This pasta will get rid of your acne and make your skin glow.

Patient: I want pizza.

Doctor: You can wish for anything in the world after eating this pasta, and it will come true.

Patient: Can I order Dominos?

Doctor: I am afraid she has Sanamia....

Patient: PIZZA?!
by neebas October 20, 2010
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