Hippo is a slang word against fat and obese people. It is word mainly used for trolling.
Mondo and AK (From IP2 network) are big fat disgusting Hippos.
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A big mouth hippo is a person who says something is wrong one day but then goes and does that exact same thing or has already done it in the past. Calling someone a hippo is like saying look who's talking. Comes from the word hypocrite, but might also be a reference to the really big mouth of a hippo when it opens wide.
A Lil Wayne fan: Hip hop is getting so shitty nowadays..

by TheBx41 August 30, 2012
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No way I'm taking home that hippo. She reeks of patchouli and probably hasn't shaved her bush since the 90s.
by Almanaseer January 21, 2008
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Another word for hypocrite, as in some douchebong saying for example "You're bothering someone so why do you keep bothering them?" And they end up doing that like 5 seconds later.
Twathead 1: -Plucks someone in the head over and over.
Someone: "Quit it!" D:
Hippo: "Stop hitting that guy!" -While plucking someone else over and over.
by Nobu_Michi June 18, 2010
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Hippo.. meaning very fat person that needs to go to the gym more and cut dwn on the mcdonalds.

Most common name.. floyd
Yo floyd.. u shud get dwn to the gym u hippo
by Tosh April 8, 2005
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A slang term for the tendency of groups to pick up or joke about on an individuals minor character trait thereby reinforcing that trait.
The majority of entries on urban dictionary are hippos
by Jobin March 6, 2007
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A person who is fat, ugly and stupid, who looks kind of like a hippo, these people are really stupid, demanding and spit a lot when they talk.
My science teacher, Ms. Park is a hippo
by yo mamma December 31, 2005
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