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If you have been dominated in a verbal confrontation by the/a Hippy, then you have been Hippied. You will now feel completely inferior to the clearly superior Hippy...
*While playing a game of Beirut*

Albert - "Where I come from we call that the bitch rack..."
Angie - "Wow, what a bitch rack Hippy!"

Hippy - "Oh, where I come from we call that winning!"
Sneaky - "You both just got hippied..."
by Hippy Lito May 09, 2009
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When a hippie visits your home, then pulls the hippie tricks. Expect the following:
1) Hippie will far exceed their welcome.

2) Hippie will dose you.

3) Hippie will demand your drugs, food, alcohol.

4) Hippie will use your shower and laundry facilities.

5) Hippie will leave a mess.

*disclaimer: this is not to suggest that all hippies are this disrespectful. Many know how to leave your home better off than how they found it.
by Astrapop December 21, 2017
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