Originally a term thought to be used by Harlem's black neighborhoods to describe the white "flower children" who could come and go without trouble. From the 50's; stemmed from the bohemian movement started by professors and students in the San Francisco bay region who were experimenting with acid's effects. The idea spread in the mid to late sixties with the help of the Grateful Dead and the Merry Pranksters as they toured the country, and eventually organized the Electric Kool Aid Acid Tests (a book was named after these).

As the Vietnam War continued, those opposed to the war joined together under the leadership of such people as Abbey Hoffman, who helped radicalize the anti-war movement of the seventies. The police, or the "fuzz," eventually tried to stem the prolific drug use by recriminalizing marijuana, and making LSD illegal, thus uniting "hippies" and their activist counterparts, the "yippies," under one common struggle aimed personally against them and their friends' "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness". Also during this time was the sexual revolution, which got women out of the kitchen and into the workforce, and eroded many taboos of the time.

Generally, there was a move toward utopianism, where everyone would have everything they needed to survive - thus, people often only had one set of clothes, which were dyed and redyed, patched, mended, faded, torn, and dirty. As with the rampant homelessness and vagabond life, soap and trimmed hair were considered secondary, and sometimes unnecessary in the great scheme of things.

As time went on, the touring Grateful Dead had a major following which brought new generations into the movement; the Rainbow Family continues the utopian tradition today; and organizations such as NORML and Greenpeace came from 1970's idealism.

TV shows such as Southpark portray hippies as tie-dyed, pot smoking, dumb high school dropouts, who can organize a gathering, but don't actually do anything to stand up for what they believe in or are protesting. This is a typical stereotype across American media.

Often, the "hippie" stereotype includes a teenaged to 50-60 year old adult who believes that peace, love, and happiness is there for anyone who wants it. They tend to be non-conformist, are considered liberal, and left-wing politically, often, if registered to vote, are independents or democrats. They don't regularly cut their hair or buy new things, and tend to wear the same, faded clothes for years, some of them patched and re-dyed many times. Many are environmentalists, pacifists, and nonviolent.
"If you call yourself a hippie, you aren't really a hippie."
by blue caps April 22, 2006
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One who believes in values such as peace, love, and happiness. However, the rest of the world can not seem to grasp these concepts and chose war, hate, and misery. Thus, they despise the ways of the hippies.
Hey, the hippies say that there is no need for our pointless violence. Why don't we listen to them?

Why would we do that when we can continue to live our in our hateful misery?
by PeachyKeen June 25, 2003
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A hippie is a person who is comfortable enough with themselves that they do not hold judgements against anyone else. They are usually happy people and tend to/try to spread their happiness everywhere they go. A true hippie does not categorise themselves by the way they dress but by the way they act. To be a hippie is to be part of the larger view of peaceful activism. There are although, many different groups of hippies:
1.the gonja tye dyed hippie
2.the holistic healing hippie
3.the festival touring hippie
4.the hipster/weirdo raver hippie
There are so many different types of hippies in the world that they have become a whole different race of people.
I think, if the world was consumed by hippies, if we took over the population, things would look much more green and beautiful.
by mrsmegnolia May 15, 2006
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There are two types of hippies, the Spirit Hippie and the Ego Hippie. The Spirit hippie has integrity and lives up to his own word of spreading peace/love and self acceptance. Dirty clothes and dreads are optional and do not define hippies. The other types are ego hippies. Ego hippies are people who really do not hold hipster ideals dear to there heart, but instead enjoy seeming different just for the sake of making everyone else seem less than for not believing like they do. Ego hippies are where the stereotypes come from.
I used to think I was a hippie until I realized I was just trying to seem different and get people to think more highly of me and my weed smoking/tree hugging clothing (I used to = ego hippie)
by Elbarto150 October 10, 2008
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What your parents were when they could fit into tight bellbottoms and tie-die shirts.
Kid: Mom, why does it look like your a rainbow in this picture?
Mom: *grabs book* That, Billy, is a hippie.
Kid: My freind Jake says that all hippies are dirty, pot smoking whorebags, but I don't think so.
Mom:...You go tell Jake that his mom was one.
by Manical to the Hippie February 17, 2008
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Often used as an insult for someone who is a liberal or has left leaning political views. It is implied that a hippie is a dirty, lazy pothead who has nothing better to do then protest.

An actual hippie can be recognized by their long hair, brightly colored clothing in unusual styles, such as bell-bottoms, tie-dye t-shirts, and dashikis. (Many Hippies made their own clothes.) They tend to wear long beaded necklaces, head bands and scarves, and sandals. The most recognizable symbol of the hippie is the Peace Sign which is usually on their clothes, jewelry or painted on automobiles.

They tend to promote, believe in or have a fondness of free love, communal living, recreational drug use, nudity, incense, music (particularly psychedelic rock, blues, and folk music), vegetarianism, holistic and natural foods, protecting the environment, and New Age type spirituality. Most of all hippies promote the ideals of Love and Peace. They do not like to conform to society.
How can you be a hippie and love guns?
by OneBadAsp October 15, 2006
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