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The fascist inability to leave people alone, and mind one's own business.
My college kid's incessant activism is exhausting.
by Schnorkenschneider November 21, 2013
An uneducated and highly emotionally charged adolescent or man-child passive aggressively lashing out at the world through the safety of their computer over poorly understood political issues, usually while in their underwear.
Billy doesn't understand why he has to pay his electric bill, so rather than spend his time looking for a higher paying job, the hacktivist vandalized his local utility's website.
by Schnorkenschneider February 14, 2014
1) Used to describe naturally occurring molecules, materials, or processes.

2) Marketing ploy to profiteer from indoctrinated hipsters by selling food at increased prices that was grown and cultivated using lower cost medieval farming methods, such as avoidance of the use of modern pesticides which kill or drive off disease breeding insects, or the use of modern fertilizers or genetic modification to make crops and livestock more resistant to disease and increase yields.

3) A Marxist assault on capitalist food production through the promotion of pseudoscience and urban legends.
Elder Hippie: "This sandwich is so organic."

Rational Person: "So is the mold on the bread and the cockroach legs in the meat."

Yak feces, python venom, the Bubonic Plague, boogers, cancerous tumors, and Fromunder Cheese are all organic.
by Schnorkenschneider February 27, 2014
Fascist nosy busy-body that is more worried about everyone else around them, rather than just focusing on the problems in their own life. Generally tends to delude themselves into thinking they're saving the world.
Jane the activist keeps nagging me to stop buying toilet paper because it will kill too many trees.
by Schnorkenschneider November 21, 2013
The blood soaked tampon that is extracted by a person's teeth when performing cunnilingus on a menstruating woman.
"Doris was on her period when I ate her out, she still had her tampon in but I pulled it out with my mouth. That blood clot sandwich was mighty tasty."

~ Billy Joe Bob
by Schnorkenschneider February 5, 2010
A Utopian fantasy based on the Leninist concept of "equality of outcome." It says that since you have more, it must be taken away from you to give to those who have less, so that you are both equal. So there is much in common with the petty thief, who steals your wallet at gun point in order to equalize both of your wealth. Though this never seems to apply to rulers, who always seem to be exempt from social justice policies.

In order for social justice to exist, there has to be a ruling class to mete out that social justice. If there is an elite ruling class, then there is no social justice. So the concept of social justice always collapses in upon itself.

Social Justice is generally supported by hipsters of all ages who can't afford weekly groceries or gas for their cars, but who are simultaneously bedazzled with hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars of tattoos and piercings.

It is often used by power hungry despots to fool voters into surrendering their rights and liberties in exchange for promises of free stuff, while lining the pockets of the ruling class with the stolen wealth of the people.
They promised social justice in Venezuela. They can't even supply toilet paper. Meanwhile, Maduro's right hand man Aristóbulo Istúriz has over $9.6 million in a Swiss bank account. At least Chavez's daughters still get to live it up in the Presidential Party Palace, La Casona.

In the Ukraine where the average salary is less than £300 a month, President Viktor Yanukovych said that 2013 would be a year of social justice. In 2014, the Ukrainian people found that his personal estate which was half the size of Monaco, contained a 5 floor mansion, a golf course, a private zoo, a park, a greenhouse, a garage filled with luxury sports cars, a helicopter pad, a pirate ship which served as a personal restaurant, a hovercraft, etc.

In America, they promised free healthcare for everyone. Now it costs more, and I have less coverage. I hear the First Ladies' newest dress cost $12,000. That's social justice for ya.
by Schnorkenschneider March 17, 2014
Unbathed miscreants from the flatulent 1960s who developed modern Progressive ideology with the help of LSD and other mind altering substances. They came to believe that hallucinogenics and finger-painting gave them great insight into complex socio-economic and political issues. They originally self-identified as "free love" flower children, but would fundamentally transform themselves into communist oppressors in their old age. What was once a call to live free, became a mad dash for mandates, bans, and suffocating regulation over anything that even remotely annoyed them.

They would eventually come to barnacle themselves to already existing Civil Rights movements. Although still attempting to rebel against their parents while pushing 70 years of age, they are oblivious to the fact that they are no longer counter-culture, that they are in fact: the culture, especially in academic sewers. Perhaps being the most unwise American generation in existence, even in old age they still cannot grasp the reality that the concept of Utopia is a fantasy.

Their lack of personal hygiene is legendary. They oftentimes like to surround themselves with bottles of their own urine, or feces filled compost heaps in their own basements. It's highly likely that between their affinity for their own human waste products and their anti-technology reverence for the Kaczynski-esque ravings of Karl Marx, that they will be bring back the Black Death some time before the next turn of the Century.
That filthy hippie won't get his mouth off that bong long enough to read a book; how does he know anything about economics?
by Schnorkenschneider February 19, 2014