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The fascist inability to leave people alone, and mind one's own business.
My college kid's incessant activism is exhausting.
by Schnorkenschneider November 21, 2013
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An uneducated and highly emotionally charged adolescent or man-child passive aggressively lashing out at the world through the safety of their computer over poorly understood political issues, usually while in their underwear.
Billy doesn't understand why he has to pay his electric bill, so rather than spend his time looking for a higher paying job, the hacktivist vandalized his local utility's website.
by Schnorkenschneider February 14, 2014
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1) Used to describe naturally occurring molecules, materials, or processes.

2) Marketing ploy to profiteer from indoctrinated hipsters by selling food at increased prices that was grown and cultivated using lower cost medieval farming methods, such as avoidance of the use of modern pesticides which kill or drive off disease breeding insects, or the use of modern fertilizers or genetic modification to make crops and livestock more resistant to disease and increase yields.

3) A Marxist assault on capitalist food production through the promotion of pseudoscience and urban legends.
Elder Hippie: "This sandwich is so organic."

Rational Person: "So is the mold on the bread and the cockroach legs in the meat."

Yak feces, python venom, the Bubonic Plague, boogers, cancerous tumors, and Fromunder Cheese are all organic.
by Schnorkenschneider February 27, 2014
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Contrary to popular belief, the hipster ranges in age from teenager all the way up to elderly and everywhere in between. Younger hipsters generally receive their hipster indoctrination from elder burned-out hipsters and hippies who masquerade as qualified teachers and professors.

They can be spotted wearing carefully ill-fitting clothes, about a size too small, in order to project an image of poverty-chic.

Hipsterism requires strict obedience to recycling rituals, and a prohibition of creating new ideas or items. Subsequently, the hipster will generally be seen wearing logos from mid to late 20th Century capitalist brands. They also like to wear fashion-glasses in order to project a false image of intelligence.

They possess a deep misunderstanding of the word ironic, preferring to use the definition from Alanis Morisette's song rather than the dictionary.

Hipsters generate unusual and offensive odors due to their affinity for organic human waste products and a natural aversion to personal hygiene. In the male of the species, you can spot clouds of fleas living in their beards off of uneaten bits of cafe fare. In the female of the species, fleas can be found in their unshaven armpit hair.
I sure wish that hipster would take a bath. Has he been wearing that Atari T-Shirt since 1978?
by Schnorkenschneider March 17, 2014
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A romanticized designation given to a person or group of fascists using various electronic or other media to vandalize property or pirate electronic communications to overpower or silence voices that they disagree with.
Billy and his gang of jammers can't stand the opinions being expressed on their local radio station, KLWO. So Billy's jammers are going to take away the station's right to free speech by pirating their own signal to overpower KLWO's signal in an effort to silence them.
by Schnorkenschneider February 19, 2014
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Fascist nosy busy-body that is more worried about everyone else around them, rather than just focusing on the problems in their own life. Generally tends to delude themselves into thinking they're saving the world.
Jane the activist keeps nagging me to stop buying toilet paper because it will kill too many trees.
by Schnorkenschneider November 21, 2013
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The blood soaked tampon that is extracted by a person's teeth when performing cunnilingus on a menstruating woman.
"Doris was on her period when I ate her out, she still had her tampon in but I pulled it out with my mouth. That blood clot sandwich was mighty tasty."

~ Billy Joe Bob
by Schnorkenschneider February 5, 2010
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