the attempt of one person to make someone else hip, especially when teenagers try to make their parents cool by repeated exposure to modern music, slang, culture, etc.
I am singing along to these hip hop songs now that Lauren has hipnotized me.
by PurpleGal March 24, 2011
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1. To force/trick somebody into hipsterdom

2. To become infatuated with the hip and now tech and websites.
Dude, this iphone has me hipnotized, since I got it iv'e started twitter and facebook and post all the time.
by Conartist66 March 27, 2010
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It is when a white person who usually listens to country, pop, rock, (white music) and hears a few black urban tunes and thinks they are cool, and then starts to really get into R&B and Hip-hop. She also starts to use ghetto slang, and starts to rap, dance hip-hop, and become what is basically is a wigger.
Yeah I used to listen to country, and now I heard this Nelly song ft. Tim McGraw on the country station and I think it's awesome. WTF!!! Now I'm listening to hip-hop. I must been hipnotized.
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when someone's testicles are visible making it impossible to look at anything else.
i was ball hipnotized by jon gruden's bulge on monday night football.
by demonlalyer October 6, 2009
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What an attractive lady does to a man by provocatively swaying/undulating her waist.
I don't need a hot chick to "move her middle" at all to get my attention --- all she hasta do is get naked. Merely showing me her smooth shapely "merchandise" is all it takes to turn me on... no need to hipnotize me!
by QuacksO May 30, 2020
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An indie music style that is both soothing and relaxing and appeals to hipsters. Often folk, bluegrass or singer-songwriter varieties.
I dig The Civil Wars' sound. The two-part harmonies are so hipnotic.
by jaminsauce February 14, 2012
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