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All it is showing right now as reruns of American Top Model and all these prissy, preppy shows for twenty something. MTV Sucks!!! It used to be good when it showed music videos and all that crap.
Don't watch MTV. A good movie, or even a episode of Grounded For Life is better than that shit.
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Basically it is more fundraisers and bible studies that actually getting your sins forgiven and doing what you are supposed to do... WORSHIP!!
Yeah I might as well skip church this Sunday because all they are doing is sucking money that could be used for a nice McDonald's dinner for the new addition they are going to rennovate.
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Bands that are called "emo", but they are played on MTV and liked by whiny 13-16 year old preps that are spoiled rotten. It's pop music that has the elements of emo in it such as whiny emotional lyrics and emo like guitar riffs and all that shit.
Emo pop: All American Rejects, Hawthorne Heights, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, Sum 41, etc.
Emo: You name some for me!!
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One of the most boring years in the 2000s. Basically nothing happened, but at least it is better than 2006 pop culturally. 2007 started out pretty uncreative and boring with global warming and Anna Nicole Smith crap, and then after about March, things started to get interesting but it is still pretty boring. The music was actually pretty good this year and the movies, yeah, they were awesome. But TV sucks basically. There is a lot of good books coming out too this year... this Harry Potter bullshit was pretty much done. Preppiness did come back and emo is dying slightly too, thank God. I think 2008 will be a lot more interesting.
Yeah 2007 is basically the eye of the storm, wait til' 2008 and 2009!!! OMG!!!
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Rap that is played at school dances, in the club, and is liked by white preps that think they are soo hood. Used for grinding and all that shit. Played during halftime at a boys basketball game.
Commercial rap: 50 Cent, Soulja Boy, Baby Bash, etc.
Real rap: Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Redman, Run DMC, Will Smith, Notorious B.I.G , etc.
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It is when a white person who usually listens to country, pop, rock, (white music) and hears a few black urban tunes and thinks they are cool, and then starts to really get into R&B and Hip-hop. She also starts to use ghetto slang, and starts to rap, dance hip-hop, and become what is basically is a wigger.
Yeah I used to listen to country, and now I heard this Nelly song ft. Tim McGraw on the country station and I think it's awesome. WTF!!! Now I'm listening to hip-hop. I must been hipnotized.
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