When a basketball player completely slam dunks the ball over another basket ball player. The player who got dunked on is considered to have been "baptized" by the dunker.
Dan: I don't think anyone in the NBA can dunk over Dwight Howard

Ben: Yea....except for Kobe Bryant

Dan: Oh yea....Kobe Baptized that mother fucker
by Dimitrios G April 2, 2009
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The task of baptizing someone requires 3 people (atleast 2 of these people need male genitalia). The easiest place to baptize someone is in community showers or even outside if it is raining. Person #1 stretches out his scronum making a small bowl to collect water. Person #2 dick slaps Person #1's scronum splashing the collected water onto Person #3's face who is kneeling, thus baptizing him/her.
Carl: Hey Dave Joe wants to get baptized! I call being person #1!
Dave: Woohoo!
Carl: Look how much water is in my sack!
Dave: Can we wait 20 minutes? Im hard!
Joe: No, I want it now! And it's better if you're hard.
Dave: Alright here goes nothing.
Carl: Im getting hard too now hahaha!
Joe: ahhhh! The power of christ compels me!
by Nohomo69 July 16, 2015
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To lick a blunt to make sure the paper wont become loose.
You should baptize that before you light it up.
by Phia February 28, 2005
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slang football term for getting hit real hard

originated by ESPN personality Stuart Scott
OMG, Brian Moorman just got baptized by Sean Taylor
by SLAWSSEWEE February 12, 2007
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the method of wetting a joint with you lips so it would burn slower.
"yo, let's smoke a joint"
"baptize it thirst man"
by unowned July 21, 2005
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To kill someone, humiliate someone, or to engage in sexual intercourse.
I just baptized that bisha!

Did you baptize that Jew?
Yeah, he's dead.
by Hairy piper January 20, 2009
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