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THE NICEST PERSON EVERY , not only is a hilla giver , she is caring and thoughtful, hilla is one of the good girls , she may be shy but she can be the life of the party , usually a hilla will have brown or black hair and hazel or grey eyes sometimes she might even have blue , if you find a hilla hug her and never let her go or you will regret it , she is destined to be a mother .
Person : I’m so sad and bored

Other person : go to hilla she is a blast and will care for you like you are the only person in the world
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1. east coast word for weed
2. beautiful girl who thrives on living
at some points, 2 can smoke 1.
1. "what are you doin tonight yo?"
"i be smokin' teh hillaaaa"

2. "shit dude, let's call an awesome chick to get crunk with us tonight"
"aiight, I'll holla at hilla"
by Ant MC February 17, 2006
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Hilla is a nice, careful, beautiful, helpful girl. She will always be by your side. She would make you feel better when your sad, if you have a Hilla in your life you should be thankful, because you are a lucky person
Nathen: hey dude do you know Hilla
Jake: no, why
Nathen: she is so beautiful and nice, she's so awesome
Nathen: oh, she seems so cool , I should meet her
by May 29, 2018
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A woman who takes advantage of men with the goal of being provided for. Soulless and conniving bitches who waste your time with false notions that they care about you, but in reality are using you for their own personal benefit. Also, women who are being incredibly difficult and non-receptive to your advances for no apparent reason.
I bought that hilla over there a drink and she doesn't even want to dance! Why are there so many hillas in this club! Why they fucking testing? Always fucking testing!
by Cavemang July 10, 2012
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Hilla is that girl who hit puberty when she was like 11, and she LOVES memes. And she is the madre (mom) of the group.
Me- “Hey what are you do....”
Me-“alrighty then
by Baibitch January 26, 2018
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Hilla is an 13 y/o Finnish angsti and/or emo Preteen girl who listens to mcr and p!atd 24/7 and never goes out.
Me-“What are you gonna do today?
Hilla-“Fuck off, I’m listening to mcr
by Baibitch May 03, 2018
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