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1. Spanish translation for "son of a bitch"
Gringo: "Honey, I love Taco Bell, it brings out the latin lover in me. Watch this: Hey, Yo Quiero Taco Bell!
Gringa: "Oh, that's mucho sexy"
Cashier: (mumbling) "Hijo de Puta!"
by dominikandemon May 19, 2003

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immortal being that solidifies the smoothness of a Dominican while having Lebanese descendence, which explains the exotic name. Has the ability to whoop your ass and dance any type of music and blend with any crowd. Will smoke your ass in his R1 any day. Find him hustling the streets of South Florida during the day, and running them at night. Trained in the Jungles of Panama by none other than the U.S. Army Infantry Division.
"Yasser's fucking bad!"
"He owns you!"
"He owns you too, bitch!"
by dominikandemon May 19, 2003

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military version of "fucking A". Used to show exclamation, afirmation (or to ask for such, see example), etc. ONLY SOUNDS GOOD WITHIN A MILITARY ENVIRONMENT. Do not use during media interviews or amongst civilians.
Drill Sgt: "Alright, you pieces of shit! At my command I want you to form a small poddle out of your own saliva and then pick it up, and put it in your side pockets, hoah?"

Soldiers in unison: "HOAAAAH, DRILL SGT!"
by dominikandemon May 13, 2003

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Word used by military idiots who fail to distinguish between breakfast, lunch and dinner, and therefore summarize all three with the same word, in order not to confuse themselves.
Private Jones: "Hey, Gomez! You going to the chow hall?"
Private Gomez: "Yep, they got beef burritos today!"
Private Jones: "Gomez! Your a box of rocks"
Private Gomez: "Hoah!"
by dominikandemon May 12, 2003

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Oficial first name of a certain piece of poo featured in South Park. Also called Hankey, or Mr. Hankey
"Howdy Hooooooo!"
by dominikandemon May 13, 2003

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