6 definitions by AgentDaleCooper

The act of spewing cum into a girls belly button and then using your own belly button lint to keep it locked in the navel
I have been saving up my belly button lint for weeks and tonight my girl will get a big 'ol fuzzy navel.
by AgentDaleCooper June 1, 2017
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Females scissoring while on their periods
Ethel and I decided to high tide last night after a few drinks
by AgentDaleCooper June 20, 2016
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Once your food baby passes through the colon and is ready to be released... into the toilet. Ta-da!
That Chipotle I had for lunch has turned my belly into a food baby... I can't wait to hit the bano later and turn that bad boy into a toilet toddler.
by AgentDaleCooper June 1, 2017
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Ejaculating into or onto an orifice without said orifices knowledge of potential ejaculation
It was brtttney's birthday so instead of getting her a present I gave her a cumprise!
by AgentDaleCooper August 13, 2016
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Using both hands and at least one of your feet during masturbation
I was done using both hands so I decided to go for the unassisted triple play to end the night
by AgentDaleCooper July 17, 2016
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The act of playing Pokemon Go without a care in the world
I was pogoing all day because my phone said there was a dragonite nearby, but I never found the bastard.
by AgentDaleCooper July 7, 2016
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