A rare feeling. This is the feeling you get when you realize how amazing your life is. It could be achieved in many different ways depending on who you are, but it is never achieved through drugs. For some people it is getting an adrenaline rush , for others it is simply watching the clouds go by on a nice day. The results may vary, but no matter what your always happy. You'll often find your self cheesin' for no reason and have an indescribable feeling flowing through your body.

For me, I often find myself high on life when I am sitting back in chair on a December night when off school. I will be sitting next to my fireplace in my dark living room, no one else awake, just watching the snow fall out my window. It is at these times I truly appreciate family, friends, and everything life offers. I have yet to experience a better feeling.
Guy 1: Hmm... You know what? I fucking love life!
Guy 2: Looks like your high on life. Enjoy it while it lasts...
by GoodNeff June 5, 2012
1) The feeling of contempt with the overall pleasures of life.

2) The act of lighting/burning life cereal into a bong or pipe with the intent to inhale the smoke.

When I have sex I just feel high on life.


Tim: Do you know what ever happened to Mikey?

Tom: I heard he OD when getting high on life.
by xxfoolxx September 29, 2012
A female human who is controlling, vindictive, unable to support herself, lives off of other people for as long as she can, begs, steals, lies, anything possible to get what she wants. A human who withholds sex from her husband for unknown reasons, but lots of fake excuses and illnesses. A human who concocts sickness to get others to give her sympathy. A real piece of work. A sorry excuse for a mother, but blames others for her misgivings. A criminal. A scumbag. A loser.
High on Life says, I can't work, I'm sick.

by Bubble-Gurl September 30, 2007
The feeling that you get when you live life to its fullest. Someone who is high on life can find reasons to smile in the smallest things, and won't let any random thing ruin his or her day. Someone who is high on life has no reason for drugs because they can find fulfillment in their every day life.
1. Steven: Hey, man. How come you never wanna hang with us and get high?

Jonathan: I don't need that shit, dude. I'm already high on life. You should try it some time.

2. Mark: How's about some angel dust to liven things up?

Jace: Drugs are for losers that are too boring to get high on life. No thanks.
by TabKey June 1, 2010
When everything seems funny. Usually occurs around large groups of people at night. No substance is needed to create this effect; although, it is rumored that Mountain Dew can help the effect run its course.
With a few friends over and umlimited Mountain Dew, James new that there was no need for weed because they were about to become high on life.
an excuse that a few retarded people use to pass on using drugs.
"No, i dont need to take a hit of that blunt, im high on life!!"
by Tion the One April 23, 2003