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A High and Low is the act of performing both Surprise! Butt Secks and Surprise! Skull Fuck on a person simultaneously.
Navy and I totally pulled a High and Low on that Klingon dude.
by Arch Angyl November 16, 2009
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Used to describe the act done by a man who stacks two girls in a threesome. He starts by going high then low. He fucks the one on top (usually the prettiest goes on top) then the one on the bottom.
When Charlie Sheen has a threesome he stacks and fucks the girls (probably sluts) by *going high then low*.
by ThtOneGuyJ November 20, 2014
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No extra fluff or "baggage" that is irrelevant to the person, product, or idea being described. Basically, "very efficient" or "lean and mean".
"De Niro's crew in HEAT was high speed, low drag!"
"Company XYZ process is high speed, low drag..."
by DJMushOne February 8, 2007
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1. A high quality, efficient way to do something, performed with exceptional speed, but still simple and streamlined.
e.g "Let me draw you a high-speed, low-drag picture of America... not to scale."
by IaiaIsGod February 19, 2012
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A tackle in football where the player with the ball is hit by two defensive tacklers, one hits the chest or higher while the other hits him in the knees or lower from the opposite side. usually results in excruciating pain or injury.
right when the reciever caught the ball he was High Lowed by the corner back and linebacker. he was unable to walk off the field.
by forizzle nizzle March 25, 2011
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A tree-hugging hippie. So called after hylozoism — the belief that trees have souls.
Hey look over there! Bellingham's full of high-lows!
by Knighshade July 11, 2004
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While spitroasting a lady the two gentleman give first a high five (see eiffel tower) and then a low five beneath the aforementioned lady.
never high-five-low-five a pregnant chick
by aaaaarghmonster November 7, 2009
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