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A “High Roller” is someone who spends lots of money carelessly, blowing money fast and recklessly. The term originated from high stakes players who place large bets at the casino.
by YungMon August 23, 2016
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Rich guy that has a nice car, nice clothes and buys everything he likes.
Yo that guy with that benz a high roller yeah.
by Dazzle August 05, 2003
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one who is often seen gambling for more than 50 dollars per hand or game depending on the situation
damn...that guys a high roller and now i don't have any money am i going to get the brown sugar??
by k-dog February 10, 2004
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One of a group of 4 individuals that are highly skilled in poker and hustle people at the poker table. They always dress nicely at the poker table and have good table etiquette. A high roller is often feared by other poker opponents.
Bob: "I heard the high rollers were playing in this tournament."
Jake: "Yeah, they are the people with ties and triple everyone elses' chipstack."
Bob: "It's ok, we can always play for 5th place."
by The High Roller$ July 15, 2006
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