"Hie" Is a way to say hello, But in a new cool way said. It was once happened when a person typed "Hie" at one time and it went everywhere, People started saying hie.
Josh: Hie
Mandy: Hi^^
Josh: No I mean Hie
by TheScaryKidd April 08, 2008
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Hie is a common typo of the word "hoe" it means you are a hoe of supreme hoeness so much that just the word 'hoe' isn't enough to describe it so HIE is hoe to the 2nd power.
Those bitches kristi, lissette, lexy, and lauren are ultimate hie supremes.
by Godly_Lexy September 28, 2017
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used to describe the effects of marijuana in texts.

Makes the meaning clear. Not "hi" or "High."
"Wanna go get hie?"
by hollistercoiner February 07, 2004
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You just misspelled the world simplest word. What is wrong with you?
2:did you just misspell hi
1:sorry i miss typed
2:we're talking in person
by phacey4 November 03, 2020
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Supposed "Experts" that have never done a task or experienced the trial or been to a place or held the job but are 'experts' in that field because they 'read' an article, book or blog about it. Like people on the Holiday Inn Express commercials - all they did was spend the night
John read a blog about the Tamil Tigers and now is an HIE-xpert on them.
by greenguy253 December 07, 2009
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literally translated from German, it means : With mitsubishi(su being a slang for the car name) you die because there cars are such shit quality.
by jackypebble June 26, 2007
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