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Hidde is a very smart (almost nerdish) but very sweet and handsome dutch man. He is always up for a party and his friends are very important to him. He has a great clothing style and always smells good: many girls will like him.
"Look it's Hidde"

by emmalington April 14, 2013
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1. A foreigner, specifically a Dutchman.
2. Someone who is deathly obsessed with Warhammer and Exalted
3. Someone who is always wrong
4. Someone who loses the game
5. The slayer Ross Faye
6. A man who eats disgusting candy
7. Commonly speaks freaky-deaky-dutch

1. To fail
2. To lose the game

Hidde, you're dutch.
by RSP203 December 05, 2008
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