Female name meaning "gift from God" in Arabic and also spelled as هبة, Heba/Hibah.

Fine ash , wifey material with bomb ass personality

They tend to be chill but are crazily loud with those their comfortable with. Hiba is smart but doesn't try hard enough in school. They have that natural vibe, you won't find in another girl. If you know a Hiba, don't fuck it up because she's one of a kind
guy 1 : Yooo this girl Hiba is fine and her personality 10/10 too
guy 2 : Bro she a keeper don't fuck shi up
by amrannn_huss71 August 28, 2021
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A real cute, hot, smart and sexy looking ass girl.
They're hard to find and impossible to forget,
so if you ever find one, grab your chance !
Person 1: Hey, how was last night?
Person 2: I'm devastated, I found a real Hiba, but she turned me down
Person 1: Shit man, I feel sorry for you boy!
by yoloswaggirl69 June 26, 2018
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Hiba is a very nice girl its means gift from God
Hiba is tall and sexy asf
Prettiness overloaded!!!
She loves to be original

Doesn't like judgemental people

She love to call herself a nigga

Girls with the name hiba are very lucky and they love to socialize

Hiba is sexiest nigga and tallest beautiful girl
by Samiraaa December 7, 2018
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Hiba is a funny, lovable person who loves hugs and will be quite offended if you decline her hug. There will deffo be tears.
She knows every childhood theme song, even from just being given one line.

Whenever Hiba walks into a room, everyone wants to know who she is, so we tell them:
1. She is a baddie and a rebel
2. She is the epitome of a 90s sitcom
3. She is for sure gonna be the Big Time Rush in your life and she's gonna give you the best of both worlds

Always remember your not the boss of her now and you never will be!!!!!!!!
Sam: Hey Hiba what boy band are you in?
Hiba: Big Time Rush '0 00 00h'
by Bestofbothworlds April 4, 2021
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A variant of the Greek name "Hebe"
The girl's name Hebe \he-be\ is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "youth". Greek mythology: Hebe is the goddess of youth and cupbearer to the gods.
Hiba is another use of the Greek name "Hebe".
by matches191 February 11, 2009
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A beautiful young American Pakistani girl who likes to have a good time all the time anytime
Everywhere Hiba goes people wanna know who she is so we tell 'em-
1) she ain't no ho
2) she is foineee
3) wow
by Hakeem October 7, 2004
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Hiba is a middle-eastern name of a girl with a sweat heart. She loves to enjoy time with friends. She is also cares about her friends and family. She is so trust-worthy and would never lie to you. she even gets good grades and likes to help others. She will forgive you physically but would be upset mentally if you get her mad. Hiba is the best friend that you could ever imagine.

Hiba is so sweat and will never let anything get in her way.
She likes to not worry about what others think of her and instead does what she loves to do.
by CatGirl004 March 28, 2018
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