A word that means basicallystop talking
Person 1: hey man yesterday I bought these nice shoes on sale they were only like £30

Person 2 : oh hez man I don’t care
by Sagara November 2, 2019
I deliver a squeaky clean stiff one to the side of someones chops.
Ryan was getting abused by his carer. So he confronted the monster with a cheeky hez hez
by Hard Over Crest April 9, 2019
Is a short word to describe an instant warmth/excitement or sometimes adrenaline from inside, After a cause of a significant action which could cause uncertainty.

The most common causes of a Hez rush can be experienced after eating a Triple cheese burger or going on spending spree e.t.c.
Ah mate, i've just had the biggest Hez rush ever. I just bought £200 of bitcoin!! Aha.
by Juliet Lima January 29, 2021
The act of using the upper row of teeth when giving a blowjob resulting in the top layer of skin to peel and massive pleasure. Named after Hez.
My girlfriend loves to give me hez...and I love to get it.
by French May 2, 2004
"Kev's not looking so well."
"Must be back on the hez."
by tarmac December 6, 2009
This is a fairly common affliction, when one has phlegm in their throat, and chooses not to "cough it away", and continues to speak, thereby sounding somewhat like a Munchkin.
Thank you for being here today...I would like to begin with munchkin hezan example...
by epona09 February 17, 2009
Hez aka Heresy is a form of forum troll that lurks and attacks upon anyone new/browsing the forums.
"pfft you wish faggot"
"that was such a hez thing to do"
by thegodthatisislam December 22, 2008